We help integrate current technology, emerging technology, and business practices in a secure, cost-effective solution.

TripleZ Technologies functions as an integral part of your company - we are not just an IT vendor or service-support company. Our mission is to help you integrate current and emerging technology in the most secure, cost-effective manner.

We assume  total responsibility for providing and managing the optimal IT network solutions for you through our Connectivity Control Centers.

We take the time to understand the issues that drive or affect your business operations. We do this by first conducting a Technology Assessment. We will determine the full scope of not only your present IT needs, but also those anticipated for the future.


  • Security Assessment Companies today rely on their networks more than ever to support mission critical and revenue generating applications. With the pace of business constantly accelerating, companies find that their infrastructure does not provide the level of service that their business requires.

    A Network Assessment from iServe is a necessary process to maintain a healthy, secure network environment. Your network needs to be secure from intrusions, scalable for future growth, and cost-efficient. Our expert staff will audit your network and make recommendations for optimization, stabilization, and future growth.

    Analysis of your networks strengths and vulnerabilities
    Detailed diagram of current network
    Detailed report of each device
    Strategies to improve performance, reliability and security
  • Network Design  Utilizing our state-of-the-art four step analysis, iServe technologies can customize any network to your exact specifications. The steps are outlined below:

    Business Technology Assessment

    TripleZ’s ultimate mission is to provide the technology that delivers the most benefits for your particular business structure and goals. For this reason, we conduct a thorough analysis for your company. In this phase we:
    Analyze your existing technology infrastructure
    Establish your vision for the future/growth requirements
    Solution Development

    The information gained in the first phase becomes the foundation to develop individual solutions and alternatives for your company. iServe will recommend technology elements that best support your business objectives. In this phase we:
    Define the implementation plan
    Assemble project team members
    Identify vendors
    Infrastructure Implementation

    TripleZ then implements the proposed plan, installing the required hardware, software and connectivity solutions. In this phase we:
    Procure hardware and software
    Establish required connectivity
    Simplify administration
    Document the infrastructure
    Continuous Management and Monitoring

    One of TripleZ's most important contributions to your organization is the management and monitoring of your IT infrastructure. We provide a total and complete custom support plan. In this ongoing phase we:
    Guarantee connectivity - Provide standard industry SLAs
    Monitor the network 24x7x365 to ensure integrity
    Provide preventative maintenance and continual system optimization
    Conduct ongoing security assessments